The perfect solution does not exist. A working solution does. Especially in the case of software systems.

We have been perfecting the software for while, and it always takes another week to improve that feature.

The complete solution does not exist. An acceptable solution does. The more it gets complete, the more it gets complex, and the lesser useful it becomes.

We have been trying to find the essential pieces in our software, to make it acceptable enough. Mobile access is essential, but do we need an app for that? User management is essential, but does it have to be distributed? Some decisions are easy and obvious, but some are a tough call.

The latest solution does not exist. A stable solution does. Chasing the bleeding edge technologies is like chasing after the wind.

We have been questioned about our choice of technology and architecture. At the end of some running around in circles, we are convinced about one thing - probably technology does not matter. The workmanship does.